Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 27

Bugtatti Veyron

Blue carbon-fibre with polished aluminium, rims inspired by the Grand Sport Roadster, highlighted in a Midnight Blue and Diamond Cut two-tone finish.

Specifications Basic Specifications[1][2] Layout and body style Mid-engine, four-wheel drive, two-door coupé/targa top Base price €1,225,000 (GB£1,065,000/US$1,700,000) Super Sport: €1,912,500 (GB£1,665,000/US$2,700,000) Internal combustion engine 8.0 litre W16, 64v 2xDOHC quad-turbocharged petrol engine Engine displacement and max. power 7,993 cc (487.8 cu in) 1,001 metric horsepower (736 kW; 987 bhp) Super Sport: 1,200 metric horsepower (883 kW; 1,184 bhp) Performance Top speed 408.47 km/h (253.81 mph) (average) Super Sport: 431.072 km/h (267.856 mph) (average) 0–100 km/h (0.0–62.1 mph) 2.46 seconds 0–240 km/h (0.0–149.1 mph) …

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Jul 13

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five provides the ultimate San Francisco treat

Shoe salesman and hoon-in-chief Ken Block’s “Gymkhana Five” arrived today, and the move to take his sideways driving circus out of empty stadiums and warehouses into the streets of San Francisco was a wise one. This ranks as the most exciting pollution of Frisco’s air with tire smoke since Steve McQueen last turned a wheel …

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Jul 11

World’s most expensive car crash crumples rare Ferrari worth $30 million

No sports cars in the world have quite the allure of the 39 Ferrari 250 GTOs built between 1962 and 1964, and their power, beauty and racing history have made them the most expensive collector vehicles on Earth. To their credit, many 250 GTO owners regularly drive them in public — and last week, the …

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