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Are You a Car Nut, too?

I’m a Car Nut — and proud of it!  It is my love of cars – from how they look – to how they run – to how they are made – to how they race that has been an integral part of my life.  And  I finally realized that I needed to share this passion with other Car Nuts!

It’s OK to sit in front of the TV and watch car shows and car races but I realized that I wanted more than that.  I want to interact with other people – men and women – who also have that passion.  So, I decided to use the internet to build a community of like minded people and have fun sharing our experiences, our successes and, let’s face it – our failures – with others who will understand.

The result is this – The Go To Car Guy!  The one-stop site where you can find a treasure trove of car memorabilia, up to date tips, national events and much, much more!  My wife tells me that if I want to accomplish what I have in mind, I will need more than a staff of One (her) – much more!  Oh well!  In the meantime, I will continue with my dream and we’ll see where it leads us.

This Blog is a work in progress.  It always will be.  We’ll be following events, new trends (definitely the “Green” trend), bringing you articles, videos, interviews with experts and much more.  Join me on Twitter and LinkedIn, also become a Fan on Facebook.


24 Hours Daytona


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