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Isn’t car racing all about the fastest car?

Sort of. To a degree. When you get to the top, say Formula One, the car is a huge factor. There is very little difference between the fastest and the 18th fastest guy, because these are the 18 fastest guys in the world. Nico Rosberg in a Caterham Renault isn’t going to be much faster …

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Massive VW Bug is size of a pickup truck

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. — We see a lot of extraordinary vehicles through our Just Cool Cars series, but we’ve never seen anything like this. The license plate says it all: HUGE BUG. Click here: Video Link The formula sounds fairly simple: Take a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle and find a way to make it 40% larger. Basically, …

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Interesting Car Story

It was a 1960 DiDia 150. A luxury, custom-designed iconic, handmade car also known as the Dream Car forever associated with its Dream Lover second owner, singer Bobby Darin. The car was designed by Andrew Di Dia, a clothing designer, who Bobby Darin had met whilst on tour in Detroit in 1957. Darin telling Di …

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Mopar Madness

American Muscle Car – The Mopar Super Stockers From my friend Danny Shaw

Elon still hard at work

2016 Detroit Autorama Mopar Photo Gallery

The 2016 Detroit Autorama keeps on giving more and more too hot rodders of every taste. This time let’s take a look at the offerings from Chrysler the venerable Plymouth and Dodge and the powerplants made famous…the Hemi, the Wedge, the 440 Magnum, and the ol’ reliable Polysphere. One thing certain about this year’s Detroit …

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GM vs. Tesla – The Real Story

Don Peppers Influence Prolific Business Author, Dynamic Speaker, Founding Partner at Peppers & Rogers Group, part of TeleTech GM vs. Tesla – The Real Story Jan 13, 2015 At the Detroit auto show, General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra announced that the company will launch a new electric car in 2017, the Chevrolet Bolt, designed to have …

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A £12million treasure trove of 60 rusting classic cars

Now where did I park my 60 cars? Incredible treasure trove of rusting classics worth £12MILLION is found languishing in a French farm garage after 50 years  Ferrari and a rare Maserati are among dozens of rusting classic cars found on farm in western France The astonishing collection, left on the farm since the 1970s, …

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1959 Imperial – I Don’t Care, I Love It

The wild 1957-60 Imperials and their slightly toned down 1961-63 successors have received their fair share of criticism here for their wacky collection of styling features – tailfins, rocket pod taillights, free-standing headlights, “toilet seat” trunk lids – assembled in varying combinations over the years under Virgil Exner.  The criticism is justified, since Imperials had …

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If you’ve ever sprayed RoundUp on the weeds in your yard, (and haven’t we all?), you’ve helped Dennis Albaugh amass an unbelievable collection of Chevys and Corvettes… virtually all of them convertibles. What does RoundUp have to do with Corvettes and convertibles? Well, just watch… all will be revealed.