Which are the Top 5 cheapest cars over five years

They won’t exactly sets hearts aflame with envy, but some of the most common compact and midsize cars are also the best value in the market when ownership over five years is taken into consideration, a car website says.

The study by CarFinance.com takes a list of costs into account, including taxes. loans, down payment, insurance and fuel, not just sales price.

When it’s counted the way, the Toyota Corolla or Matrix emerged as the cheapest-to-own costs over five years with a cost of $41,281. It’s followed by Honda Civic, $43,714; Nissan Altima, $47,054; and Honda Accord., $48,081.

Smart idea. It’s too easy to look at price tags on sales lots these days without considering the full cost of owning a car. Those that are easy on fuel, cheap to fix and reliable to being with are always going to be the best bargains.

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